5 Web Design Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2020

Every year, new technologies and trends are being introduced in web design and development. And soon, these trends start to trickle down to the rest of the industry. You can choose to ignore them for a while, but at a certain point, your site is bound to look outdated, and you might have to redesign it completely. This is why it is important that you always stay abreast of the most recent changes, and see how you can implement them in your website. Let’s take a look at some of the top web design trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

“Black Mode” Design

For some reason, black has been frowned upon by many designers over the last few years. But, according to many insiders, black could be making a breakthrough in web design in 2020.

Not only that, but there is an increasing trend of websites allowing visitors to switch to a black theme, and they have many advantages. They allow design elements to stand out and provide a nice contrast with other bright colours. They’re also great from a visual ergonomics standpoint as they reduce eye strain.

Dark design can look ultra-modern, but it has to be done right. Not all designers will be able to create dark websites or sites that can switch from light to dark while still looking great and being functional.

If you’re aiming for that look, we strongly suggest you consider working with a web development team like Appetiser. The team is known for their eye for design, and has worked with major brands like Lego, Schweppes and the Salvation Army. They have been experimenting with dark designs for years, and have worked on countless applications as well, which allows them to use their expertise to build sites that are responsive and with a great user experience.

Charming Imperfections

Another interesting trend that we are starting to see more of, and that should gain traction in the next year, is the addition of hand-drawn design elements with slight imperfections. They’re a nice breakaway from an overly polished and impersonal design and can add a touch of humanity and emotion to a site’s overall look.

One area where we should see more hand-drawn elements is icons. Hand-drawn icons are great if you want to attract your users’ attention. You can also show off your brand’s personality when used with other design elements.

Immersive 3D

2020 should also be the year of 3D. We can expect to see more 3D technology being used in interaction and graphic design. While 3D has always been in, it was the lack of technology that stopped it from being used more as a functional design element. Either the results were not aesthetically pleasing, were pulling the website’s performance down, or it was simply too expensive.

3D is the best way to create a uniquely immersive experience. 3D doesn’t only have design benefits either. It also helps retain customers longer on the page, and can illicit action when used properly.

Layers and Soft Shadows

If you can’t, or don’t feel like 3D would be a good choice for your site, the next best thing is playing with layers and soft shadows. More designers are using them to add pseudo-3D effects and to make some design, images, and navigation elements pop.

Layers create depth, and you can also use shadows on text if you want to as well. Adding soft drop shadows to 2D elements and stacking them can give your website a lightweight feel, and create the illusion of elements floating above the page. This is in stark contrast with the “flat” designs we’ve been accustomed to over the years.

Photography and Graphics Blended Together

If you want to let your creativity run wild, one of the best things you can do is start blending graphics and real photographs together. You can overlap graphics on top of pictures, use them as framing elements, or fuse them with the photographs.

And it’s versatile as well. You can use this type of blending to add charm to a bland photo, or you can use it in a more serious context to show functionality or explain abstract concepts like finance or tech. Either way, using it properly will certainly add some personality to your website.

If you want to get the best results, make sure that the graphics match your brand’s image. Their style can make a great difference in how your audience will interpret photographs. Adding some clean geometric figures will inject some professionalism and seriousness to the image, and squiggly cartoonish lines can work great if you want to add a sense of playfulness.

These are some of the trends that we should see a lot more of in web design this year. So, try to inspire yourself from them, and consider working with a team that will be able to implement them the right way.

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