Google Stadia Comes With New Features, and We Are Excited

Google Stadia has encountered some troubles along the way, especially at the beginning – we all know the story – but it is starting to become a more robust and powerful game streaming platform. There are free offers and new games announcements, and Google wants to make it even better, with further improvements.

Google wants to improve its platform

Google is familiar with its competitors on the market. After its not-so-fortunate start last year, the company started to improve its streaming platform, Stadia. There are new games announced, and a limited free version has been launched. The platform is bound to get new features, as well.

What are these new features?

Google really wants to improve gaming on smartphones with a touchscreen controller. The source code did not only contain hints about the most essential buttons but also suggested the use of shoulder buttons through gestures. The users should be able to adjust the position and size of the buttons. However, the company does not want to just stop at the integrated controller. They posted some exciting new things, as well, on their blog. Apparently,  the service should support notifications, and 5.1 surround sound, which is bound to tell you how good your connection quality is on your mobile while you are playing.

Cloud gaming is important but still young

The market for the cloud gaming services is still at its earliest times, and this is why new opponents keep appearing out of the blue. Google and Nvidia are present. Then, Amazon also made its appearance on the market, and, we must confess, it has a very strong background. So we get why Google wants to improve its platform as soon as possible. We are waiting to see which ideas they get to improve it in the future.

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