Best Hand Exercises and Stretches for Gamers

Playing online games such as CS:GO is very similar to any other type of athletic sport. Gaming places enormous strain on the tendons and muscles of the hands. However, gamers can find life is much more comfortable if they perform a few warm up exercises before they play, and repeat them after they have completed their match. The exercises help prevent repetitive strain injuries, improve control, and increase flexibility.

Hand Rotations and Waves

These fluid movements help loosen the hand joints to increase general flexibility. Interlace the fingers to form a double fist. Then move the hands by rotating at the wrists in circular shapes. Work in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions. Follow up by working the linked hands up and down in actions similar to waves.

Hawaiian Hang Loose Stretches

Form a fist with the hand then stretch out the thumb and little finger. Rotate the hand back and forth several times to free tension from the wrist. Part two of this easy exercise involves turning the hand by ninety degrees, then moving it up and down in the direction of the extended finger and thumb.

Loosening the Wrists

Extend the arm straight out, then move the hand forward with the palm facing down. Simply pull the hand up and back before moving it downwards. Try to reach the full extent of the action until there appears to be a slight stretch at the wrist. Repeat several times. It’s important that the exercise continues to feel comfortable at all times to prevent over straining the tendons.

Wrist Supination

Ensure the elbow stays firmly at the side of the body, then stretch out the forearm. Use the other hand to help firmly rotate the hand back and forth a few times.

Flexing Thumbs

Gamers’ thumbs suffer large amounts of stress when playing action-packed games. An exercise that should help involves forming a fist with the thumb hidden inside. Move the fist up and down multiple times until there is a mild sensation in the wrist.

Thumb Stretches

Outstretch the hand with the palm facing upwards. Then use the other hand to pull gently on the thumb several times. Repeat the exercise with the palm facing downwards. Try the exercises on both hands.

Finger Flexibility

Agile fingers are beneficial in gaming. Keep them flexible by forming a fist then extending one finger. With the other hand, gently pull the finger downwards then release. Repeat with each finger in turn on each hand. To finish off, interlace the fingers then pull the palms back and forth to coordinate the finger stretches.


Keeping the hands and wrists supple should be an effective method of preventing the pain of Gamer’s Hand. Check out 1337PRO for the latest scores from matches where players are sure to have exercised their hands.

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