Video Downloader for Instagram 2.7.3 APK Update Brings New Features

Let’s face it: when you scroll across Instagram and see all those beautiful pics and videos, something deep inside of you tells you that an app for downloading that content would be useful. You may never know when your internet connection can be interrupted, and you can’t see all those beautiful girls from Instagram anymore!

That’s where the Video Downloader for Instagram app comes in handy. The app has now been updated to version 2.7.3 through an APK file, which means that you are already free to get your hands on it. All you need, in order to make sure that you’re qualified to get the update, is at least Android 5 running on your smartphone.

What’s new

The latest update for the Video Downloader for Instagram adds several notable features and improvements. First and foremost, a download leaderboard has been introduced, allowing users to track and compare their download activity. This new addition adds a competitive element to the app, enhancing the overall user experience.

Additionally, the new update includes enhancements to the Explore section, providing users with detailed information when it comes to the leaderboard and its statistics. This feature offers a deeper insight into download trends and patterns, enabling users to stay informed and engaged.

Furthermore, the update focuses on optimizing the backup user interface (UI) and its logic, parsing the length of the backup process more efficiently. This optimization aims to streamline the backup experience, reducing possible delays or errors.

The developers have also addressed a specific issue where page recovery could fail to listen to clipboard inputs. This fix ensures that users can reliably recover pages and utilize clipboard functionality without any hindrances.

Lastly, the preview page has undergone modifications to display the file address of the downloaded files. This change provides users with convenient access to the exact location of their downloaded content, simplifying file management and organization.

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