How to Perform FaceTime Calls on Android Devices

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FaceTime is that amazing software app that allows users of Apple devices to stay in touch with their friends and relatives through video and voice calls over the internet. While FaceTime is basically available only for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, there is a way to use the app from Android devices as well.

It’s totally possible to use FaceTime calls from a Samsung phone, for instance, in order to communicate with a friend, relative, or co-worker who’s using the same app from an iPhone. You’ll just need to apply a little tech gimmick. Keep reading to find out the ‘magic’ behind the method!

How to use FaceTime from an Android phone

To use the FaceTime app from an Android phone, you need to connect with a person who uses an iPhone. That person will have to send you an invitation link, and there are plenty of ways of doing it, so we won’t go into detail at this point.

Once the link arrives to you, you’ll have to access it, and you’ll be taken to a FaceTime call. The person who has sent the link will have to accept your attendance at the call. If the person accepts you, you’re done! You can use FaceTime calls on your Android-based phone!

There’s no need to worry, as the FaceTime app won’t change at all once you use it from an Android device, compared to how it presents itself on Apple devices. You get the same controls as you would do if you access the app from an iPhone. In other words, you don’t have anything to worry about if you’ve been using the app already from a friend’s iPhone as a test. The Android version is exactly the same.

How will the Apple user send the invitation link?

If you have an iPhone and you wish to allow your friend, who has an Android-based phone, to access the FaceTime app, sending the invitation link is extremely easy. All you have to do is open the app on your iPhone and hit the Create Link option. An invitation link will automatically be generated, and you can easily pass it over to your friend via email or a message on WhatsApp.

Your smartphone will use the web browser in order to perform FaceTime calls, which means that having your camera in good shape is essential. You must make sure that your phone’s camera doesn’t have dirt on it or anything that could alter the call quality.

There’s no way of accessing the FaceTime app from an Android phone without getting the invitation link from a person who has an iPhone. Therefore, maybe it’s finally time for Android and iPhone users to get along a bit!

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