Amazon Prime Day Deals: How to Get the Best Offers?

Do you bet your money on Amazon Prime Day? The yearly sale that Amazon has will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 11, respectively July 12), and you should expect to find discounts on a wide variety of products, from TVs to paper towels. During the two days of the sale, Amazon really promises to deliver the lowest prices it has offered all year during the sale, and new bargains will be available as frequently as once every 30 minutes. Well, can you believe that?!

Before we delve into more details about Amazon Prime Day Deals, remember that only if you’re a Prime member you’re eligible to purchase items at discounted rates. Membership is available for $14.99/ month or $139/ year. If you are going to take advantage of the Prime Day bargains, it is in your best interest to conduct some research to ensure that you are obtaining the lowest possible costs. What is your shopping routine? If you’re careful with your money this time around, you might as well consider the following advice!

1. Don’t forget about the essentials

Even though a lot of people utilize events like Prime Day to get great deals on big-ticket items like TVs, it’s also a wonderful time to stock up on smaller but equally important items. Try looking for some pantry staples or groceries!

2. Avoid impulsive buying!

The Prime Day event is spread out across two days. This might give some customers the impression that time is of the essence, which may prompt them to make rash purchases. However, if you weren’t already going to make a significant buy, don’t let the fact that something is now on sale convince you that you need to.

3. Not all offers are excellent (oops!)

You may use price comparison websites to observe how the price of an item has changed over time, which can help you determine whether or not you are purchasing the item at a reasonable price. At other seasons of the year, certain things can also be purchased at reduced prices. How cool is that?!

4. Additional retailers have joined the competition

Similar to Prime Day, we also have Target’s and Walmart’s sales! And they require memberships, as well, for their rewards programs, the Target Circle and Walmart+. For example, Walmart+, much like Amazon Prime, provides a free trial period of 30 days, after which it costs $98 a year. Joining Target Circle does not cost anything!

5. Keep an eye out for coupons on Amazon

If you are looking at something, but the cost still seems excessive, you should at least check the item’s page to find out if there are any coupons that you can use to get a discount on the item. This is definitely smart buying!

Enjoy your shopping session!

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