Deactivate or Cancel Your Netspend Card: Easy Step-by-step Guide

Deactivating or canceling your Netspend card is quite an easy process you should be aware of because you don’t actually know when you may need it. Many people believe that using prepaid debit cards such as Netspend is the most efficient and trustworthy option to make necessary payments because of how quickly and easily they can be used. In addition, Netspend provides its customers with a number of additional advantages, such as online account access and a payback rewards program, which is really cool. You may use your card to make purchases anyplace that accepts debit or credit card transactions, and you can also use your card at ATMs. However, in order to cancel or deactivate your Netspend card, what steps must be taken?

Have a look at the neat little guide below to learn how to do it in record time!

Easy Deactivation and Cancellation Steps

There are several ways you can choose to deactivate or cancel your Netspend card efficiently. Let’s take into consideration the following ones and learn more:

1) Use an ATM to completely deplete your balance

If you want to cancel or close your Netspend prepaid debit card account, the quickest and easiest method to do so is to remove all of the money from the account. Depending on the location of the withdrawal, you will be charged anywhere from $2 to $5 for this service.

One disadvantage of closing your account in this manner is that the majority of automated teller machines (ATMs) only dispense cash in increments of $20, although some provide alternatives of $50 and $5.

2) Get in touch with Netspend

Calling Netspend directly at their customer service number of 1-866-387-7363 is yet another choice that you have available to you. It’s possible that this is the most time-efficient and hassle-free choice. You have the option of continuing with the procedure that would cancel the account, or you might decide that the offer is appealing enough for you to keep it open for a little while longer.

3) Inquire about a check

In conclusion, requesting a check is your final alternative for closing or terminating your Netspend account. According to estimates provided by Netspend, this procedure takes between three and four weeks. If you opt to proceed in this manner, Netspend will assess a charge of $5.95 on the amount of money that is still available in your account.

Canceling a Netspend account is a fairly straightforward process. You can either render the card useless by completely depleting the associated bank account by making transactions or withdrawing money from an ATM and even requesting a check.

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