‘Printables’ is Prusa’s New 3D Model Repository

After a long period of rumors and speculations, the good old 3D model repository of Prusa Research now has a new name: ‘Printables.’ In case you’re wondering how the rebrand happened, you’ve made it to the right place!

PrusaPrinters is a platform that has the purpose of providing help to those who operate with Prusa equipment but also to those who are interested in blogs.

Prusa Research explained in a blog post:

Printables.com replaces PrusaPrinters.org and keeps its ever-growing library of high-quality 3D models, while some features move over to Prusa3D.com. Our intention is to make the website more open and welcoming to all 3D printer owners and also introduce new features.

Prusa Research now offers some pretty powerful features for its users, and here are the most important ones:

  • Regular design contests for those who work as creators
  • Advanced functionalities: complex search filters, folder structures, and more
  • A lack of online advertising
  • A more responsive platform
  • A reward system that leads to actual 3D printer filament

The company has a pretty strong reason why it originally chose PrusaPrinters.org as a name. There was an older project from seven years ago that had forums, a blog, and so on. It was obvious that an active domain was needed to evolve the concept.

However, Prusa Research’s goal remains the same: Printables needs to be the go-to-site of everyone who wants high-quality and efficient 3D-printable models.

Prusa Research uses a series of advanced 3D printers, and here are some of them:

  • Original Prusa SL1S SPEED & CW1S Bundle
  • Original Prusa XL
  • Original Prusa MK4 Kit
  • Original Prisa CW1S
  • Trilab AzteQ

Prusa Research was founded in 2012 as a one-man startup.

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