How to See Private Accounts on TikTok

Did you know that there is more than one way to spy on those super-intelligent and cool people on TikTok who otherwise keep their accounts private? The famous platform is teeming with users, as billions are using it on a regular basis in 2023. There’s not even a sign that the number will slow down anytime soon, so let’s find out how to get the most from the app as possible!

Not everyone is on TikTok to earn money by gathering as many views as possible for their videos. Some of them just want to share content with the people they care about, such as their friends, colleagues, and relatives.

If you can’t see likes or associated posts on a TikTok account, it means that the owner of the profile has decided to keep it private and share it only with the people he wants. But rules were established to be broken, says an old proverb!

See private Tiktok accounts using a third-party app

You can install and run a third-party app to view a TikTok account that’s otherwise set to private. Also, the owner won’t have any idea that you’re in the stalking business and that he’s your new ‘victim.’

Here are a few of such apps that can help you to see what your crush is doing on TikTok:

  • uMobix
  • eyeZy
  • mSpy

Let’s take mSpy, for instance. It’s a great third-party app that you can use to view private TikTok accounts, and it’s easy to use! You won’t find yourself trying to figure out what to do.

Perhaps the main downside is that mSpy needs to be installed on the target phone in order to do its dirty scheme. However, the app will be very easy to detect by the ‘victim,’ as it integrates perfectly into the operating system of the phone.

With mSpy, you will get to see the mSpy dashboard from your device and access the target’s TikTok account to see what’s cooking there. Therefore, you will get to see all of the posts and comments and even the media files on the device itself.


As for eyeZy, this third-party app is even more cunning, as it can give you full access to the files that exist on the target phone. In this way, you can see what videos the target has sent and received. TikTok is all about sharing videos, which means that any user of the platform out there is crazy about making and sharing such content!

Another great advantage that eyeZy offers is that it gives you a chance to track the location and location history of the ‘victim.’

See private accounts by creating a fake account

Creating a fake account with the name and photo of your favorite superhero is also a great idea to sneak into the virtual lives of others on TikTok without being noticed. Adding as much information about you, even if it’s fake, will increase your chances for the ‘victim’ to approve your desire to follow her or him. If that crush of yours likes basketball, for instance, it’s a good idea to pose as a top basketball player.

However, you need to act fast with a fake account, as it will not be long until someone suspects something and TikTok will ban you. That’s just the way a lot of social networks operate, unfortunately or not.

In the end, you should keep in mind that we don’t encourage stalking behavior. It’s always a good idea not to solve your conflicts in a violent way, as competing in a good game of chess is much better!

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