Making Money via Etsy: What Are the Best Items to Sell on the Platform

Pretty much everyone sells or buys something online nowadays, so why not learn how to get the most out of such a business? From shoes, clothing, figures, car parts, toys, or plumbing items and all the way to electronics, there’s something for everyone on popular e-commerce websites such as Etsy.

Apart from other popular e-commerce websites, Etsy focuses on handmade and vintage items and craft supplies. In other words, you can find a lot of interesting items on the platform, and many of them come with free shipping.

So, why not learn how to make money with Etsy yourself by selling items on the platform that you no longer need? Today, we’re here to find out what are the best items that you can sell on Etsy, so feel free to grab a pencil and a piece of paper! Behold:

Handmade items

Handmade items such as toys or jewelry are among the most popular things that you can sell on Etsy. A lot of people look for rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that are handmade. This means that you can surely benefit if you have such items at home and if you no longer want them. You can surely make a lot of money by selling them online, depending on how many you have!

Vintage items

Did we mention that Etsy has a strong focus on vintage items? Yes, we did! Maybe you have an old wall clock, for instance. Surely, you check the time by looking at your smartphone or laptop, so you don’t need that rusty old wall clock anymore. But instead of throwing it into the garbage can, why not sell it online for a few bucks?

Also, perhaps you still have some old figures or toys, such as Pokemon figures made of PVC, that were released in the late ’90s. Believe it or not, but the internet is teeming with people who would pay dozens of bucks for just a single figure! Therefore, you should definitely consider selling them on Etsy!

Wedding products

The wedding market is extremely profitable in the US and other parts of the world, so why wouldn’t you try to benefit? There’s no wonder why wedding products are very often seen on Etsy, which means that you should definitely start looking for yours at home that you no longer need!

Personalized gifts

Nowadays, people can print or design in whatever way they want and on anything they need! For instance, with just a few dollars, you can print the logo of your favorite heavy metal band on your coffee mug. You may never know when someone becomes impressed with such an idea and be willing to pay you dozens of bucks for the personalized item! Therefore, feel free to let the world of Etsy know how creative you are! And if you even get paid for doing it, the better!

Zero-waste products

In case you’ve never heard about zero-waste products until now, the definition is very easy to grasp: they refer to those items that don’t end up in landfill. Reusable face rounds, zero-waste toothpaste, or refillable deodorant are all examples of items that are constantly being sold on Etsy. In fact, people will sell just about anything for money.


Accessories are usually cheap and handy, which is the perfect combination. Perhaps you have a pair of headphones that you no longer need. Maybe you have an old Xbox controller that you haven’t been using since your kid has become a high school student. In all these cases, you can go ahead and list those accessories online via Etsy in order to make a buck or two out of them.

What do you like to sell on Etsy? Feel free to tell us in the comment section of this article!

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