What Proxies You Need for Managing Social Media Accounts

Being on social media these days is something the vast majority of people do, but things change when it comes to actually managing social accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. Proxies are needed for managing various social media accounts and for good reasons.

Buying and selling on social media represent one of the best reasons to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Most of the people who are active on social media have also been involved in e-commerce at least once.

Why are proxies needed for managing multiple social media accounts?

Many platforms will limit the total number of accounts that come from one IP address. The algorithm could block accounts that are associated with the IP address that is at issue when the limit is reached. But if you have a social media proxy, you can manage multiple profiles on the same platform and protect your identity so that your IP won’t get blocked.

What proxy do you need for social media?

Residential proxies represent a good solution, as they come from IPs that real people own. They also provide maximum protection. You can use the static residential proxies that NetNut has to offer, as they allow you to keep all of the residential IPs for as much time as you want.

NetNut’s proxies allow you to manage multiple social media accounts without any problem and without the fear of being blocked.

Instagram proxy

Instagram could consider spamming if multiple Instagram accounts are being operated from the same IP address. The outcome will be obvious: IP bans. If you’re the one suffering an IP ban, it can be very hard to get rid of it. If you want to create more than 5 accounts, you should use proxies for social media account management in order to avoid the risks.

Facebook proxy

Facebook doesn’t allow users to create more than a single account, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on workarounds for this restriction. Residential static proxies represent the solution, as you can use them to hide your IP.

Anti-spam systems on Facebook are very powerful, as they combine deep learning, AI, as well as other technologies to spot fake accounts.

Twitter proxy

Let’s face it: creating more than one account on a social platform is both tempting and beneficial. You can keep an eye on what your employees speak about your company, for instance. By taking advantage of static residential proxies for social media, you won’t be limited anymore to managing a small number of Twitter accounts as you use a single IP address.

Why should you manage multiple social media accounts

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to managing more than one social media account. For instance, in the long run, such a measure is very important to help the business grow by gathering more followers and boosting brand awareness. The traffic will increase if people know that your account is genuine and that it has a long history, as it’s an unwritten law of the online realm.

You should also know that having more than one account allows you to keep track of your competitors.

Did you know that TikTok usually doesn’t allow the use of proxies or VPNs by those who want to access the platform? Similarly to many other social media platforms, TikTok’s policies prevent users from using VPNs or proxies that can bypass geographical restrictions.

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