Apple Watch: How to Make Your Smartwatch Vibrate?

Wondering how to activate the vibration feature on your Apple Watch? It’s interesting that you can set your smartwatch to vibrate for all different purposes, like notifications of your favorite apps. You’ve certainly noticed by now that Apple’s smartwatches are loaded with features and specifications that may make your life easier. So, why not enjoy them more?

Let’s find out how you can set your Apple Watch to vibrate in the following smart guide!

How to Make Your Apple Watch Vibrate

Here’s how to set your Apple Watch to vibrate:

1. Access the Apple Watch’s configuration menu.

2. Head to the Touch and Sound page.

3. Check the switch for Haptic notifications is turned on by scrolling down to that section.

4. Go back up and tap the switch next to Silent mode to silence alerts.

Setting Vibration and Sound to Your Apple Watch

1. Access the Apple Watch’s configuration menu.

2. Head to the Touch and Sound page. 2.

3. Turn on Haptic notifications by toggling the switch. Now, anytime you get a message or a call, your Apple Watch will vibrate.

TIP: The Apple Watch app on your linked iPhone is where you may activate haptics (vibration) more easily!

How to Enable Vibration for System Interactions

To adjust the Apple Watch’s vibration and audio settings, follow these steps:

1. Head to Settings and select Sounds & haptics.

2. Flip on the switch. The Crown haptics toggle may be used to make the watch vibrate when the Digital Crown is turned.

Vibration for Calls, Messages, or Other Apps

1. On your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch application.

2. Select Messages from the list of Notifications that appear on your screen.

3. Make sure you choose Custom. This will show a lot of settings pertaining to notifications. Ensure that the Allow Notifications option is chosen and that the Haptic option is turned on.

4. Check the haptic option for other apps and make sure it is turned on, similar to how you did it with Messages.


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