Does Apple Music Work on Roku? Here’s How to Set It Up

Apple Music is hands down, one of the best music streaming services out there. It provides users with access to an extensive music collection that contains more than 75 million songs, as well as curated playlists and unique material. The best part of Apple Music is that it enables users to build their music libraries and make recommendations for new music based on their existing musical tastes. It’s genuinely an incredible platform, and you can pretty much enjoy it everywhere you go—even if you have a Roku!

Below, you’ll find instructions on how to set up Apple Music on Roku, in addition to other helpful details.

Explore Apple Music with Roku

One of the questions that is frequently asked is the reason why Roku devices do not have direct access to Apple Music. The fierce competition that exists within the streaming market, combined with the distinctive approaches taken by Apple and Roku, is the root cause of this phenomenon. However, users of Roku can continue to use and enjoy the considerable music catalog and services that Apple Music has to offer, thanks to the various workaround options. That’s great, isn’t it?

Apple AirPlay

It is necessary to have a Roku device that is compatible with AirPlay, and that’s good because specific variants of the Roku streaming media player support AirPlay 2. Next, make sure that the AirPlay function is turned on for your Roku device. To do that, select “Apple AirPlay and HomeKit” or “AirPlay and HomeKit settings,” and then turn on the AirPlay option.

You should be able to find a listing for your Roku player under the AirPlay menu as a device that is capable of streaming content. When you choose your Roku device, the Apple Music on your Apple device will begin to play via the TV or sound system that is linked to your Roku. Neat!

Screen Mirroring

Before you can use screen mirroring with Roku, you need to make sure that both the Roku device you want to use and the device you want to mirror your screen on are linked to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, head to the settings menu, select the “Screen Mirroring” option, and then hit “OK.”

Choose your Roku streaming media player among the collection of available devices displayed on the mirroring device you’re using. Your TV should now be able to display whatever is on the screen of the device you are mirroring, thanks to the Roku device. Now, enjoy the Apple Music app!

Do you use Apple Music on your Roku streaming device? Please share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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