What Are the Best Streaming Services in Canada? Check Out Our List!

Canadians, such as any other people out there on the planet, are in love with streaming services. And why wouldn’t they be? The idea of paying a small fee each month to watch anything your heart desires is extremely tempting, even though illegal websites that provide free access to movies and TV shows are also out there on the internet.

However, we’re absolutely sure that none of our readers would ever use illegal websites to watch their favorite movies and shows. That’s why it’s time to talk about what streaming services we can use if we live in Canada. There are probably many more options than we might believe, so let’s check out a few of them:


You may have heard about Netflix already, but did you know that the service is also available in Canada? We’re actually talking about one of the most popular streaming services in this country, as the library it has is very impressive. Netflix’s content is teeming with movies and TV shows, and the platform also won’t hesitate to bring recommendations to its users.

Hulu (via VPN)

We need to keep in mind that Hulu is not available officially in Canada. But even so, using a VPN can solve this problem. If a person living in Canada installs and runs a paid VPN service such as Kaspersky, he can easily enjoy everything that Hulu has to offer: Hulu Originals, current TV shows, as well as classic favorites.


Disney+ is rich in family-friendly content, as this service is a staple for households that consist of children and fans of various hit productions, such as Disney classics, Star Wars, Marvel, and more.

Disney+ offers access to beloved animated classics, and it’s a gateway to the latest blockbusters when we’re talking about the Disney universe.

HBO Max (via Crave)

HBO Max is also up and running in Canada, although we have to keep in mind that it won’t work without the Crave streaming service. By subscribing, you will have access to a wide selection of Warner Bros. films, HBO originals, as well as additional content. In other words, Crave is a great destination for those who want premium and exclusive programming.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members in Canada can get their hands on Amazon Prime Video and thus have access to numerous movies, TV shows, and even original content.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has an expanding library of original content, and we can mention here movies, TV series, and documentaries. Apple’s streaming service is known to have high production values and notable talent behind its exclusives.

Apple TV+ is well-known for delivering high-quality and compelling programming, and there are no signs that the platform will stop in doing so anytime soon.

YouTube Premium

Using YouTube Premium is the legal way to get rid of ads while using YouTube. The notorious platform doesn’t tolerate ad blockers anymore for quite a while, which means that using the free version implies watching about half a minute of ads right in the middle of your preferred video.

YouTube Premium also works in Canada, and a lot of people are already using it. The platform even has some original content, although the vast majority of its videos were uploaded by users.

Feel free to tell us which one is your favorite streaming service if you live in Canada, as the comment section is waiting for you!

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