How to Achieve Popularity on Facebook FAST: Best Tips

Being popular on social media is pretty… popular. There are so many folks out there who are popular on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and so on. If you’re the kind of guy who constantly wants others to appreciate him and a lot of friends surrounding him, it’s always a good idea to make yourself popular on Facebook. Furthermore, you’ll have a place to sleep for free in case you decide to go to other cities for a few days, as who doesn’t want a Facebook superstar/influencer under his roof?

Usually, it takes plenty of time to make yourself popular on Facebook, as it’s the same in the case of any other social media platform. But luckily for you, we know a few shortcuts. Let’s cut to the chase:

Engage with your audience

A lot of Facebook superstars/influencers are arrogant enough not to respond to their comments, as they might believe that visitors are there only to generate traffic for them. Don’t be that guy! That’s a flaw you can speculate in your favor! In other words, feel free to respond to anyone who leaves you a comment or a DM, even if they throw cuss words at you! The policy of different top companies out there is to be kind to any person who disrespects them. Therefore, when a user calls you a “son of a gun”, you can reply with “thank you very much, is that all you’ve got?”

Create engaging content

Feel free to study the trends and come up with content that will catch the interest of the majority. For instance, you can make parodies of famous celebrities and present them as the latest news, but keep in mind to make it clear right from the start that those are only parodies! Otherwise, you may have legal trouble.

You can present your content in all sorts of ways, such as through videos, images, links, etc. The goal is to be original and creative!

Establish a certain schedule

You need to let the public know how often you will be posting, and you need to keep your word. Don’t forget that nobody likes liars, even though we all lie to some degree. What an oxymoron, right?

If, on the other hand, you announce in a post that you will be posting 3 times per week and you will actually post 4 or 5 times a week, don’t worry, as nobody will get mad. But posting below 3 times a week would be a mistake in this case, so don’t be that guy!

Establish contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t like to get their hands on free stuff? From time to time, you can organize a giveaway contest with a present that you no longer need. The goal is to encourage your followers to like, comment, and share your content. Such an action will definitely boost your engagement and even attract new followers to your profile.

Take the peak times into account

It’s best to share your posts when you know that your target audience is most active. In other words, such a strategy can increase the chances for your posts to be seen and shared by others, and that’s precisely what you need, right?

In the end, make sure to be honest and as creative and original as possible, as those traits will definitely attract users to your Facebook profile! In the end, you’ll find yourself surrounded by friends in no time, as there’s a big world out there with a lot to offer! Anybody can have friends in a world with 8 billion people.

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