WhatsApp Update Download Available with Swipe to Reply and PiP Mode Features

Recently, WhatsApp presented its new features and they seem pretty cool

Did you know that there are almost 1.3 billion WhatsApp users all over the world? Another interesting fact is that India hosts almost 250 million of them, but this is what makes the messaging platforms so cool – it facilitates the communication between people even if they are in different countries or continents.

Being so popular means that you constantly have to adapt and offer your users new features with every update. In this case, we are talking about a company owned by Facebook, so we can imagine that they are ready to cross every border and create an outstanding user experience with every use.

Swipe to Reply and Picture in Picture mode are among the latest features

Like every other app, WhatsApp has different characteristics, compatible with all Operating Systems. Recently, developers released beta versions of WhatsApp for both Android and iPhone. Thanks to their initiative, users could have a first look at the app’s newest possibilities.

According to the ones who had the opportunity to test the betas, Swipe to Reply and Picture in Picture (PiP) are the latest additions in WhatsApp for Android. In case you are wondering what the new WhatsApp for iOS version has to offer, we will mention that the Swipe to Reply feature is available for this Operating System as well. Besides, it will bring ads in Status and more cool possibilities.

Why are the new features so important?

  • Swipe to Reply allows the user to answer a message through a simple gesture like swiping; this opens the correspondence directly into the reply context;
  • The Picture in Picture mode allows WhatsApp users to open videos from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and watch them directly through the chatting app;
  • Ads for Status in WhatsApp gives the possibility to add advertisements in the Status. This would appear like Insta-Stories;
  • For the first time, WhatsApp could have its own sticker pack – the ”Biscuit”;
  • The inline image notification can
  • Android 9.0 Pie or later users will be able to use WhatsApp inline image notifications.

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