WhatsApp Update Available to Download with Delete for Everyone Feature

The “Delete for Everyone” feature has been updated by WhatsApp. More specifically, the company changed the time limit in which we can revoke the messages we have sent.

Thanks to the update we now have an opportunity of 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds to get the messages deleted. This happens because many users wanted to delete older messages as well which unfortunately was not possible.

The experts at WhatsApp has changed the “Recipient Limit” to make sure that no members of the conversation will be left out when it comes to a revoke request and that the messages will be allowed to get deleted during the period in that window. All members of the conversation should accept the revoke request within the mentioned window or else the message will not get deleted.

The previous rules only gave a window of 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds so the request would get accepted. Later this year we have gotten this “Delete for Everyone” feature which was first introduced with a revoke message limit of seven minutes.

How can you delete messages for everyone

You can delete specific messages from the eyes of everyone in the group or in an individual char conversation. What is great with this feature is that you can delete a message that you have sent to the wrong person or that contains a mistake.

The message “This message was deleted” will pop up instead of the message you actually delete, so everyone knows that it is no longer available. The same thing happens in a chat as well. If you see the “This message was deleted” no one in the group can see it.

This is quite a useful feature that WhatsApp introduced and is appreciated.

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