WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 Beta – New Helpful Features

If only there were a version of WhatsApp that would let you keep a business presence and talk more optimally with clients and overall grow your business. Wait a minute, there is such a version, and its name is WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 beta.

Why should you install it?

Well, people managing businesses usually keep at least two phone numbers, a personal one and one meant just for business.

You can keep WhatsApp Messenger for your personal life and install WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 beta since they won’t ever overlap, allowing you to maintain this dual lifestyle without hassle.

What does WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 bring to the table?

As you can imagine, WhatsApp Business comes with some features on top of what is provided by the Messenger edition.

Business profile – you can make a profile for your business to help clients find out more about it: location, contact information, social media or website.

Fixed number support – WhatsApp Business can be used with a landline (fixed) phone number which can be used by your clients for feedback. Select ‘Call me’ during verification, and you will receive a call with the code.

Business Messaging Tools – You will respond better to clients even when you are not on site as you can now indicate it through Away messages.

What’s new?

WhatsApp Business 2.18.159 allows you to filter your chat lists to find conversations quickly based on labels or if they are read or not. Label indicators have also been introduced on WhatsApp Web to filter chats. Make it easier for your customers to chat with you by creating and sharing short links (wa.me/your_number).

As we already said, WhatsApp Business features all that WhatsApp Messenger has, including all the helpful features you have gotten used to, such as free calls, messages, multimedia sharing, offline messages and so on.

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