WhatsApp Web and QR Codes Login Available

Can one login into WhatsApp web without using a password?

The answer to the question in the title is yes. QR codes and barcodes are required by WhatsApp Web to be scabbed using your phone if you want to access it. You do not need to remember a password and type it in and fear that you will forget it.

WhatsApp and QR Codes

As you might already know, WhatsApp is a multi-platform messaging app that transfers the mobile experience to your laptop or desktop computer.

You can access your WhatsApp account from your desktop computer or laptop by using mirroring and pairing. In order to do so, you need to launch on your browser the official WhatsApp Web client/website. After that, you need to follow the second step which requires you to take your phone, go on WhatsApp, access Settings or Menu and then tap on WhatsApp Web. After that, you need to point your phone to the QR code, and in a matter of seconds you will be able to access your messages, sent everything you want and received notifications on the web variant or WhatsApp.


Another idea would be to use emulators. They are hardware/software that gets the environment of mobile phones apps such as WhatsApp mimicked on your desktop or laptop computers if you install them. Once the emulator is installed, download WhatsApp. Your mobile number will be requested for verification.

Your mobile phone stands for a password, but you will not need to introduce it every time or scan a QR code each time you want to access WhatsApp web.

If you are not used to using emulators you might find this a little bit tricky. Emulators are not always compatible with the specs your computer have such as video card and memory so the use of it can become hard. Besides that, the performance of your computer might be slowed down.

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