WhatsApp Messenger 2.18.326 Beta Now Allows You To Swipe Right To Reply

Whatsapp 2.18.326 beta is a free messaging app available for Android devices. Through your phone’s internet connection you can call or message your family and friends entirely for free.

This is an excellent alternative to SMS, allowing you to receive and send photos, documents, calls, messages, videos or voice messages.

Use it for free

As we said already, Whatsapp Messenger 2.18.326 beta is the app to use for when you are in need of contacting your family and friends without paying any fees.


Besides sending and receiving messages or making calls, Whatsapp allows you to send photos, documents, videos, and Voice Messages.

Call for free

Your loved ones can be reached with Whatsapp Calling, even if you aren’t in the same country. Instead of using costly cellular plans, use any Internet connection accessible through your phone.

Chat in groups

When you have to talk with more than one person, you can enjoy the benefit of group chatting. This would really make it easier to have meetings with your co-workers, or plan events with your friends.


When you must work on your desktop, you can still use WhatsApp. Its web version makes the service available even on your computer.

No kinds of charges

As we previously said, you will not be charged by using WhatsApp even if you are doing so internationally. So, chat with your friends regardless of where they find themselves as you avoid paying international SMS charges.

Forget about pins and usernames

It seems that you can’t get anywhere online these days without having to submit a username or some kind of code. WhatsApp will have you using just your phone number, and that is it. There are a lot of features which are left for you alone to discover.

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