WhatsApp 2.18.373 Beta Version Available to Download with New Tweaks

  1. There are no fees for messages or calls. However, you will need an internet connection, be it mobile data or wi-fi. Also, there are no subscription fees to use this app.
  2. You can send and receive photos, videos, documents, even Voice Messages.
  3. All the calls are free with WhatsApp Calling, even if the people you’re calling are in another country. The app will use your phone’s internet connection, and not your phone plan’s voice minutes. However, data charges may apply. You should ask your provider for details.
  4. Keep in mind that you cannot call 911 or any other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp.
  5. You can enjoy group chats – this way; you stay in touch with your friends and family.
  6. There’s also WhatsApp Web; you can send and receive messages directly from your web browser or from the app itself on your PC.
  7. There are no internal charges, so you won’t be charged extra to send WhatsApp messages internationally. You can avoid SMS changes internationally if you use this app.
  8. No username and no PIN. You can stop thinking about those because you won’t need them. WhatsApp works with your phone number, it’s just like SMS, and your contacts are the ones from the address book from your phone.
  9. You’re always logged in. This way, you won’t have to worry that you’ll miss messages. Also, this leaves out the confusion about logged in or logged out.
  10. You can connect with your contacts in no time because the address book is right there on your phone and if those persons have WhatsApp, they will appear there directly. So you won’t have to bother to look for usernames.

What’s new? The app has come with new features that are perfect for you:


You can download and send numerous stickers to your friends in chat. All you have to do is tap the “emoji” icon from the chat and then tap on the “sticker” icon, that’s placed at the bottom of the screen. By pressing on the “+” icon, you can download more sticker packs. You can also create your own stickers.

Answer the messages with only a swipe

The app allows you to swipe right on a message to replay – it’s convenient and way faster.

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