Borderlands 3 Character Classes Leaked – What We Know So Far?

Borderlands 3 fans had to wait for a long time to receive news about the game. Fortunately, a YouTube channel named The Know offered us precious information. “We’ve learned some huge NEW information about Borderlands 3 from a credible source, so let’s dive into the world of Pandora to see what the next installment may have to offer!” announced the video.

The classes

The video presents the four classes which will appear in the game. The first one Beastmaster. For those who played the first game as well, you should know that this class appears quite similar to the Hunger class. You are able to summon up to three animals.

Soldier is the second class. For this class players will be able to use a huge mech suit which will be controlled by co-op partner. The third class is Siren, and it appears that in the next game this character will be more melee-based. The last class is Assassin, and it allows you to attack your enemies silently.

The Game Awards

The video also suggested that we might receive official news at the Game Awards. However, to our disappointment, Borderlands was not present the Game Awards. Many fans were upset, as everyone expected to receive a Borderlands teaser. CEO of GearBox, Randy Pitchford posted a series of tweets containing the number 3, which seemed to hint at Borderlands 3:

‘My To Do list today has just 3 things on it. But I also have 3 meetings scheduled before 3pm. Is the universe telling me something?”

“Fun fact – Today is day number 334 (number of days that have elapsed in the year). Yesterday was 333. It’s really interesting how human minds take so much meaning in arbitrary numbering systems and coincidence. People will lose their minds when the calendar flips to year 3000.”

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