Popular Streaming App Showbox Returns With New Changes

The well-known streaming app Showbox has been under pressure lately after a series of lawsuits killed the app itself and brought down several sites. The latest rumors say that the Showbox may be relaunched soon. Inadvertently a question arises: Will it be safe to use?

Earlier in May, a group of independent movie studios initiated a massive strike against persons and websites that were facilitating or supporting access to Showbox. The situation got serious in September when a DMCA subpoena filled on the behalf of the studios ordered Cloudflare to release the identity of the people that facilitated access to Showbox via a variety of websites.

An important detail is the fact that these companies are serial litigants as they started countless suits and are known for many copyright trolling cases against torrent users around the world.

Two of the websites that were implied in the litigations have settled their cases behind closed doors. The exact conditions of the settlement are confidential and the sites were forced to display a nefarious warning.

The warning advises users that Showbox is a fraudulent platform and users that opt to use it may be tracked and charged with copyright infringement. It also notes that unnamed movie studios may file a lawsuit against users that access the service or the site.

Some will say that the aim of these warnings is to scare prospective uses away from the site by inciting fear. Countless forum threads are now filled with users that are unsure if the website can be used without getting in trouble.

Here waters get muddy. Many users don’t even the site from which they downloaded the app in the first case. This means that they could have downloaded a modified program which was infected with malware.

In the past few months a number of individuals argued that there are some sites that offer the original version but these claims cannot be verified.

Those that opt to use Showbox are encouraged to pick an efficient VPN solution.

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