Top Skyrim Mods on PC: Magic and Combat

You have seen our articles with top mods for Skyrim that included interesting armors – remember the deadly cabbages? We also delivered a massive top of mods for NPCs, Followers, and Monsters (Part I and Part II) and the awesome Graphics Improvements that complete your experience in Skyrim.

Today we will check out some very important mods where you get new combat moves, balancing, and a ton of spells that will let you conjure objects, creatures, steal stamina and more.

If you haven’t installed a mod until now, you must read our installing guide – trust us, it’s vital to make the mods work together.

Wildcat/ Smilodon – Combat of Skyrim

Wildcat is a combat overhaul created by EnaiSiaion who also created Smilodon* and Apocalypse. Both Wildcat and Smilodon improve combat AI, making it more difficult to kill – the enemies will perform opportunity attacks and have timed blocking. You’ll also experience faster and deadlier combat because the weapons do more damage. The mod also lets you tweak the settings.

*Smilodon is the same mod, but will only work for Skyrim Special Edition.

Pretty Combat Animations

Here’s how you can look dangerous when you walk, stand or fight! This mod will let you choose full animations for various actions: running, walking, sneaking and so on. It looks far better than the original animations and let’s face it – it does look ‘Pretty’!


If you love looking at kill moves, you can customize which weapon triggers the killcam and how often you want to see them. You can select which profile you want to see and play with options like slow motion, decapitations and what you want to look at when you’re in first-person mode or third-person.

Phenderix Magic Evolved

Now let’s go to the magic part of the combat. This mod will add no less than 400 new spells. FOUR HUNDRED! Think of blood magic, arcane, druidic spells, and their combinations. You can conjure powerful creatures – yes, even dragons. You can try all the combinations you had in Magicka. And what’s even more entertaining is that you can clone enemies or turn them into chickens. You can break time and space and look awesome while doing it because all spells are customizable and you can change their effects.

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

This mod comes with only a few spells, but they are so fun and over the top. You can take the ghosts from corpses and send them to fight your enemies, trap people in magical prisons, conjure objects if you find gold veins from which you can tap, summon tornadoes and volcanoes too! Yes, you are the bringer of the apocalypse with this mod, but it all fits so well with the original magic system.

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