iPhone 11 Lineup Might Not Equip USB-C, Apple Sticking To Its Lightning Port

The same Japanese site which announced that iPad Mini 5 might look like the iPad Mini 4, Mac Otakara, also reported that iPhone 11 would no equip USB-C as Apple plans to stick to its Lightning port for one more year, reportedly.

Besides, Apple might also put the already old 5W charging adapter in the box, as a measure to reduce the costs. Also, we should expect to get the same Lightning EarPods and Lightning-to-USB cable, as it happened with last year’s models.

Even though virtually any modern smartphones pack USB-C port, Apple doesn’t look bothered about using its older Lightning technology. In fact, ditching the installation of a USB-C port to iPhone 11 lineup is a cost-saving measure for Apple which, by the way, is in a lot of trouble lately, primarily due to the trade war between the US and China and the many issues the users report regarding iPhone 2018 models and latest iOS 12 updates.

iPhone 11 Lineup Might Not Equip USB-C

As I’ve already mentioned, iPhone 11 would not come out with USB-C, Apple choosing to save money this year. So, the Cupertino-based company plans to stick to its Lightning port and accessories for one more year, in a measure to save money.

Adding USB-C in iPhone 11 would mean higher production costs for Apple as the company would have to change iPhone’s Lightning accessories as well. And that’s something Apple doesn’t want at the moment. Probably, the tech giant would prefer to postpone the adoption of USB-C until the iPhone and iPad sales will hit the expected figures.

But the recent information presented by Mac Otakara is contradicting another report that stated that Apple would implement USB-C in its iPhone 11 models. Thus, until we receive an official statement from Apple on this topic, we should take the new rumors with a grain of salt.

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