Minecraft Fatal Error On Windows 10 – Best Ways To Solve It

Minecraft is a great shame and it’s a shame not being able to play it because of an error. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened for multiple Windows 10 users that encountered the Minecraft fatal error. Today we are going to discuss about this error to see what causes it and how it can be fixed. Here are a couple of solutions that should work.

Upgrade your RAM

If you have a modern computer this probably isn’t the issue you have. However, older PC might not have enough hardware resources and this could be what causes the Minecraft fatal error. You need to open Task Manager and take a look at the Performance stats. You will exactly how much memory is used. If your RAM usage is at 100% this might be the sign that you need more RAM.

See if you need a Java update

Java is needed for Minecraft since the game is a Java-based one. Sometimes the reason why Minecraft has an error is Java itself. You need to make sure that you are running the latest Java version. If that isn’t the case you should update to the latest version as soon as possible. Java updates will get rid of bugs and they also come with a couple of performance enhancements.

However there are also some rare cases in which the latest Java version might be in fact the problem. If you noticed that the problem has occurred after installing the latest Java version, then you might need to downgrade to an older version.

Disable firewall and antivirus

Does the error occur while you are updating the game to the latest release? If that is the case, your antivirus might be the one to blame. Sometimes the antivirus and the firewall block suspicious connections even if they are not a threat in fact.

You can solve this issue by simply disabling your antivirus and your firewall for a short period of time. If you want a more permanent solution you can also whitelist the program in your antivirus. Another option could be replacing your antivirus if you feel like your old one isn’t helpful enough.

Update the graphics card drivers

Sometimes the Minecraft fatal error occurs because of your graphics card. This happens if you card can’t be used by the game or if the game version doesn’t match your old video card drivers. You can solve this issue by updating the graphics card. You can do this from the Device Manager. Here’s how.

First of all type Device Manager in the search bar in order to find it. Once you open it head over to Device Manager, then go to Display Adapters and choose Intel UHD Graphics. Simply right click on Intel UHD Graphics and select Update driver. Choose Search Automatically for updated driver software. See if an update is found then download it and install it. Restart the computer and you should be set.

Update Minecraft

Sometimes the reason for your fatal error might be a simple one. Minecraft receives new versions constantly, so your game might have a problem because you haven’t updated it to the latest version. You need to make sure that you keep Minecraft up to date, as the new versions come with bug fixes as well as other performance improvements.

Usually, the game notifies you if a new update is available. However, you can also check for new updates manually. In order to do that you need to open Minecraft launcher and then click the arrow next to the play button. Choose Latest Release and see if a new version is available.

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