League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Builds For Beginners

Teamfight Tactics will be released next week, on June 25 or 26 if everything goes according to plan. We will keep an eye on everything Riot has to announce and update you on the exact release date.

The permanent game mode is now available for testing on 9.13 PBE, starting with June 18, but considering the Beta server wasn’t built to have too many players active, old and new beta testers were faced with 10+ hours of queues.

I was able to log into the PBE server late one night and tried a few matches myself. Excited to try out TFT, I didn’t want to look for guides or tips, so I just went head first into the game. After ending on ranks 6 and 4, I learned that there were a lot of strategies you must know before playing. You must how to manage gold or how to upgrade champions, what champions to choose, and so on.

Follow these links to find: 8 more builds in TFT and Cheat Sheets, and Teamfight Tactics Tier Lists. Along with our beginners’ guide here, you should be able to rank higher than I did (without even knowing what I was doing in that game).

Now let’s check out three simple builds any beginner could last long enough in the game to win. We’re talking about Nobles, Assassins, and Glacial Builds.

Head over to our Class and Origin guide if you don’t know what Nobles, Assassins, and Glacial mean.

Teamfight Tactics – Nobles Build

Always pick Garen as a frontline if you go Nobles. Try to add more Nobles to the roster to be unstoppable: Fiora, Vayne, Lucian, Leona, and Kayle.

One champion you’ll struggle to get is Kayle, as it will appear in late game. You can also try adding Nidalee or Warwick (Wild) in the meantime to get some more DPS until you get Kayle.

Teamfight Tactics – Assassins Build

Make Zed your frontline and stack assassins to immediately kill your enemies. You can also add Ninja champions because Zed is an assassin ninja and synergizes well with both. Alternatively, you can add two tanky champs as frontline and slowly build your Assassin composition as the game progresses. You have 6 Assassins and 4 Ninjas.

The assassins are Akali (also a Ninja), Evelynn, Katarina, Khazix, Pyke, Rengar. You can add the item Youmuu’s Ghostblade (combined from the items BF Sword and the Spatula) to make one of these Ninjas an Assassin: Kennen and Shen

Teamfight Tactics – Glacial Build

This composition is very strong, as it can stun enemies if you have six Glacial champions (40% chance for 2s on hit). Volibear and Sejuani are the frontlines and you need Ashe as your main damage dealer. Add Lissandra, Anivia to get to 5 glacials (where the last two are also elementalists) and if you don’t get the 6th glacial, go for a third elementalist – Kennen or Brand.

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