8 Photoshop for Mac M1 Tips for New Users

Mac users have so many options for photo editing software. Hence, it can be challenging to select the right application for certain needs. Thankfully, Photoshop now natively runs on Apple devices using a Silicon M1 chip.

In this article, we will let you cover some useful tips for Photoshop for Mac M1 and associated information. This post is also followed by the Photoshop installation process and what you can do when unable to install it.  

Can Photoshop Run on Mac M1?

Yes, Apple’s Mac M1 can successfully run Photoshop. The company stated that Photoshop for this Mac device performs most tasks 1.5x faster than when performed on Intel. Moreover, the speed enhancements cover much more than basic editing.

Photoshop for the Apple Silicon is now rolled out for Creative Cloud users owning M1 Mac. To effortlessly run Photoshop on your Mac M1, you must check your Mac M1 version and other basic needs.

Photoshop Installation on M1 Mac

Once you download Photoshop from the official Adobe website, you can go for a simple installation process. First, access the Photoshop DMG file from the Downloads folder. You will find it with a name similar to ‘photoshop_CC_2020_mac.dmg’.

This file might be available in another location based on which place you mention while downloading it. In a new window, drag the Photoshop CC app icon to the Applications folder. Open the Applications folder and tap twice on this icon to open a program.

Can’t Install Photoshop on Mac?

It’s annoying when you can’t install Photoshop on a Mac computer. It could happen when your device doesn’t meet certain system needs. For example, at least 2GB RAM and 4GB free disk space.

You may get the Photoshop scratch disks are full Mac error when the Scratch disk is full. The installation may stop when you are installing an older Photoshop version. The issues might be damaged installation files or already having the Photoshop version you’re trying to install. 

Can Photoshop Run on MacBook Air M1?

MacBook Air M1 is still not officially supported by Adobe. Hence, there might be a few glitches and bugs while running Photoshop on your new MacBook Air M1. Compared to the MacBook Pro, Photoshop on MacBook Air M1 will not work highly fast.

That’s because the MacBook Air M1 is not a more powerful machine. However, many users are rating Photoshop’s performance as pretty good. Since MacBook Air M1 doesn’t feature a dedicated graphics card, Photoshop will not benefit from additional power.    

Is 8GB RAM Sufficient for Photoshop?

According to the Photoshop system requirements, users can find about 8GB RAM Mac M1 sufficient. However, they do suggest 16GB. But that may not be enough when you are working on any large project. A maximum of 16GB and at least 1TB SSD is recommended.

You may find comments regarding no after-buy upgrade capability. These are completely true. Users are recommended to buy knowing apps. The OS will just enhance their hardware demands. SSD and RAM can’t be upgraded later.

Introduction of Advanced Features

This is the best Photoshop for Mac M1, known for detailed image editing and design. Adobe has included its innovative features like advanced AI-powered Neural filters. For example, gradients, complex layering, shape tools, masking, and more.

Passionate photo editing enthusiasts and pros can use this Photoshop as it has a slick interface with huge guidance. But, it is not for people who are not interested in recurring subscription charges. It doesn’t have any perpetual license option.

Adobe Photoshop Elements for Pro-Level Use

This is another recommended Photoshop for true hobbyists. It includes a friendlier interface focusing on hand-holding. It offers a perfect way into procedures behind the professional-level effects designers acquire with Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements has some Guided Edits that simplify the way you create amazing effects with photos. Those who are not interested in keeping paying for subscriptions can use Photoshop. It is available just for a sensible one-time buy price.  

Which Photoshop Version Mac M1 Supports?

By March 2021, Photoshop will keep on running natively on all Apple computers which are supporting the Apple Silicon M1 chip. The users will enjoy about 1.5 times much faster performance.

You can use the Mac Mini M1 to run Photoshop. It is possible, providing it keeps at least the identical performance as your present rig for Photoshop use. You have to install Rosetta if you are using Apple Silicon-based Mac.  

The Conclusion

So, this is everything you need to know about using Photoshop on your Mac M1. Photoshop is armed with an array of tools that allow you to reshape a face and make image adjustments.

When you are installing the updated version and have enough hard drive space, but can’t do so, contact customer support. Or, before that, you can re-download the installation file or uninstall any already existing Photoshop version.

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