Real Content Writers vs. AI: How to Keep Your Job as a Writer Despite the Rise of ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI chatbot is getting better and better, as it has already taken the world by storm since its launch back in November 2022. In this rhythm, it’s obvious that a lot of content writers out there will lose their jobs, so why would someone keep paying a content writer when the ChatGPT software tool can do the job 10 times better and faster?

However, even though ChatGPT has managed to pass the Turing Test, proving that it can be just as intelligent as a human being, it is still possible to keep your job as a content writer in the middle of the AI rise that takes place nowadays. Let’s find out how!

Never stop learning

One great way to keep your job as a content writer is to never stop learning. There’s always new stuff out there to learn, whether we’re talking about technology, history, science, nature, social life, politics, and so on. The world always keeps updating, as there is so much to learn about anything!

Let’s suppose you have to write about video games. Each and every year out there, developers and publishers launch new games. Even new games of well-known series, such as Grand Theft Auto, frequently come out. This means that you can’t afford to not learn a thing or two about gaming, at least once in a blue moon, if you have to regularly write articles about video games. But wait: games also receive updates, such as new weapons, characters, arenas, and so on and so forth. DLCs always come out, which means that you just have to keep yourself well-informed about the latest updates and trends regarding a specific game.

It’s the same when it comes to a specific program/app; they always get updated. You can’t possibly know everything about a specific app or game unless you regularly inform yourself.

Paying attention to the details

In order to be a good content writer and not feel threatened by the rise of AI tools such as ChatGPT, it’s important to dive deeper into a subject than most content writers do it. For instance, ChatGPT could easily tell you what the main weapons that can be used in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are, but guess what? It’s up to more skilled content writers to figure out just how much damage those weapons can do. You can learn how to use those weapons to do more damage than usual or what are the worst mistakes a player can make while maneuvering them. In other words, paying attention to details and information that you can’t find easily is crucial if you want to be a great content writer who can’t feel his job threatened by the rise of AI.

Improve your writing skills

You should always get in touch with new ways of sounding charismatic and funny, as well as how to make people understand your content better. Remember that each and every person can have their own style of writing, which means that you can also have your own. You can develop your own way of joking, as anybody appreciates a good laugh while reading their favorite content online. Of course, you also need to be careful not to sound ridiculous at the same time, as there are some clear boundaries there to take into account.

Feel free to tell us what you think about the subject below! Are you a content writer by any chance, and you feel worried about ChatGPT taking your job at some point?


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