ChatGPT is Not “Intelligent” Enough: Top Reasons

When the famous AI chatbot from OpenAI, known as ChatGPT, came out back in November 2022, the world went wild. A lot of folks were extremely optimistic that ChatGPT would give us the freedom of not having to work for money ever again. A lot of students have been using chatGPT for their exams and school projects. On the other hand, teachers were extremely mad at those students for cheating. In other words, ChatGPT has both a good and a dark side.

 Chat GPT is indeed a powerful AI tool, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, regardless of how much some people want to convince us otherwise.  ChatGPT can do a lot of amazing stuff, such as writing articles, summarizing entire essays that are dozens or hundreds of pages long, and a lot more. People are justified to believe that ChatGPT will take over many of our jobs in the near future –  why would an employer pay a real person to do a specific job, when ChatGPT and other AI chatbots could do it dozens of times faster and for free?

However, things are not as fine and dandy as they seem at first glance. ChatGPT is not as intelligent as its numerous promoters want to convince us, even though we are talking about an AI tool that was able to pass the Turing test. That means that ChatGPT is just as intelligent as a human being. But is that really true? Let’s find out!


 ChatGPT is indeed impressive in many situations, but it’s a fact that the software Is hallucinating information, meaning that it provides false information and errors from time to time. That information is so false that it easily qualifies as a true fallacy. For instance, ChatGPT could tell you something like Elon Musk has what it takes to move to planet Mars in the near future. 

 Of course, each and every intelligent being on the planet makes mistakes from time to time,  but it’s unacceptable when it comes from highly praised software such as the AI-powered ChatGPT. 

ChatGPT only gets “smarter” from people’s content

Each and every hour, the world accumulates new important information. Software apps get updated, and many more events in all fields take place in every day. Therefore, ChatGPT needs to update itself in order to survive. What the AI software actually does is that it only gets smarter from the content that people create and upload on the internet.  ChatGPT doesn’t seem to have its own power to tell right from wrong or correct from false. If people didn’t upload their content and knowledge on the internet, ChatGPT would not exist.  We’re not saying that ChatGPT is useless. We have to realize that it’s far from being truly smart, as many of us like to believe.

 In the end, we all need to understand and admit that ChatGPT is highly overrated, regardless of how much some people like to deceive themselves and claim the opposite.  OpenAI’s chatbot is indeed useful,  but it’s far from being a perfect tool that can take over our jobs. In other words, there’s no use in already making preparations for the AI Revolution that will take over our jobs. Human intelligence still prevails, and it will take a lot more time for artificial intelligence to take over. Let’s all just hope that AI-powered chatbots and robots won’t develop their own desires, karma, ambitions, as well as consciousness, which would indeed be very dangerous for our world. 

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