The Sims 5: Features to See in the Next Sims Game (Part I)

Who hasn’t played a Sims game since the first one got released in 2000? It’s almost been two decades of Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Sims 4 was released in 2014, and it has slowly received plenty of expansions. In 2018, the Senior Producer, Grant Rodiek, stated that they will continue their tradition for the next three years, so this means bad news for the next installment.

According to Rodiek’s statement, The Sims 5 might not come earlier than 2022 – with three years of adding more content to The Sims 4, EA wouldn’t be in their right mind to release a new title when the current one is still getting updates.

But today we’ll talk about potential features and rumors based on EA trends and habits. Here is what we could see in The Sims 5 regarding immersion and realism.

1. Realism

Compared to the first game, the next titles offered more and more options to make the characters more realistic. The Sims 5 will move forward and polish their character designs. We’ll see better hair placement, piercing, and advanced life states.

2. The 3D Experience

The Sims has been a 3D experience, and The Sims 5 should continue so and add more like participating in the work of our Sims – all to make us feel like we are part of that world.

3. Unique Characters

Some of the improvements Sims fans want to see in Sims 4 or 5 is to make characters unique – have different heights that are not part of mods. We could also see different age groups.

4. Better Graphics

The first Sims was pixelated, and the series got better as years passed. It’s no doubt that the developers will continue improving the graphics.

5. Two Hours for a Sandwich?

We’ve always wondered how come a Sim takes two hours to eat their grilled cheese sandwich. The Sims is a game that wants to be similar to real life, but we don’t need two hours to eat a full meal, let alone a sandwich! The Sims 5 might fix this and add multitasking to the Sims – which is more close to reality.

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