The Sims 5: What We Won’t See In the Next Sims Game And Why (Part III)

As everyone is spreading rumors about The Sims 5, whether it’s about the release date or the content, we think it’s best not to dream of things we’ll never get to see.

You might have noticed we’ve talked about features that will surely not going to make the cut in The Sims 5 – there’s Part I and Part II, and today we will end this series with the last part.

If you were wondering what we will get to see in The Sims 5, then do not despair, we have posted these first here: The Sims 5: Features to See in the Next Sims Game – Part I and Part II.

Now let’s check out the last three things we won’t see happen in The Sims 5 and why.

Replicating Movements

The entire Sims series has been seen as a virtual dollhouse. The Sims are like humans, have basic needs, but nothing more than that. The game should feel fun and let you make terrible choices for your Sims. Nobody wants to see a replica of real life, so The Sims 5 won’t replicate real-life experiences.

The Actions and Free Will

Talking about movements and actions, The Sims has always let players control Sims’ actions or gave them the option to have free will. Most of the players end up controlling their Sims because the decisions taken by the Sims are not always the brightest. 

Maxis had to find a way to balance controlling a Sim and how much will a free-willed Sim go without receiving a command. So, The Sims 5 will not come with Sims able to retain full control and choose important things like moving out of their home or choosing a career path.

The Omission of Stages of Life

We saw in The Sims 4 that, as family goes, the player could only choose between older children and adults. The babies and toddlers were a bit ignored compared to the past games. In The Sims 4, babies would just cry and need a diaper change.

In The Sims 5, we won’t see the devs make the same mistake again, considering removal of toddlers ended with many fans complaining about it. The good news is that we’ll probably get to raise a character from birth into the afterlife!

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