Best Sims 4 Mods: Tweak Sim Emotions, Moods and Personality

Sims 4 mods come with a variety of changes that focus on adding either a lot of new items and contents, adding events, making cosmetic changes and even changing how the game runs.

Check out or latest best mods lists: these ones will introduce Sim Traits, Careers, and Tweak Looks, there are also great mods that add more items to your interior design and a few additions for the outdoors, and this one that introduces new buildings into your Sims world!

Previously, we posted a Guide on how to install Sims 4 Mods. This article will feature all the best mods for changing personality, tweaking the moods and your sim emotions.

Here are the best Sims 4 Mods that you must have!

Stop Random Flirting

You’re planning to get your hands on that hot neighbor, but your Sim is feeling flirty with this other person at the gym. Add this mod to stop all the random flirting and make the Sims 4 a little more realistic.

Have Some Personality Please!

If you want a life-like Sim, get this mod which adds more options and outcomes in dialogues. Your Sim will interact with others based on its Traits, Career, and Personality, removing the Idle Chat. Deep conversations will also give your Sim a chance to learn new traits and careers, which is an extra reason to have your Sims talking.

Balanced Death Moodlets

The unmodded Sims 4 really makes your Sim blue once it gets popular. If it’s too popular, it gets news about all the other Sims that pass away, making your Sim constantly mourn. It’s annoying, and this mod fixes the Moodlet by applying more realism to the mood. Your Sim will have a strong reaction if a spouse dies and be less affected if a friend dies.

Emotional Inertia

Talking about moods, The Sims 4 is complex, but the game is predictable. The moods change like clockwork, so the mod will balance your Sims and make them more consistent. Emotions will play a more significant part of the game and altering the mood of a Sim will be more difficult after it had its mind set on something else.

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