Best Sims 4 Mods: New Indoors and Outdoors Items

If The Sims 5 is not yet announced, why cry in a corner when you can overhaul your Sims 4 with a ton of mods to make you feel like you’re experiencing a new game? We’ve found perfect mods that will tweak Sim Emotions, Moods and Personality, or that will introduce Sim Traits, Careers, and Tweak Looks. We also found awesome mods that add new content so that you can build your own Venetian village, castles, and even a Martian colony – link here.

You should check our installing guide to make sure that all the mods you want to install work together and will not crash the game.

Today we will finally end out Best Sims 4 mods with mods that add more items to your interior design and a few additions for the outdoors. As a bonus, we also added two quality of life improvements.

Spring Toddler Room Set

PinkySimsie has created this mod to recolor your Toddler room in different shades of pink and green.

Skeeball and Photobooth

If you look for new items to add in your gaming room, get this mod from fire2icewitch – it adds photobooths and skeeball machines in various colors.

Twinkling Stars Animated Wallpaper

Add an animated wallpaper to the rooms with stars that fade and glow. It is dreamy!

Custom Food Interactions

TheFoodGroup made this mod to let users choose many other things when the sims cook. You can finally give your Sim the food it desires, and it has detailed customizations.

Talking about food…

Fridges with Brands

If you want to make your kitchen a little more colored, get this mod made by lurania that will add fridges with brands: Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta.

Packing Crates

This addition is a quality of life improvement. With this mod by scumbumbo, you can “pack” a massive thing like a piano in a crate and put it into your inventory so that you can easily move to a new home with anything you want. You can also leave the boxes around as they work as storage.

Park Bridge

Fire2icewitch made this mod too, which will add a park bridge to your lot to make it look more interesting.

Frozen Pond

This natural frozen pond offered by Bakie is incredible. You can place objects on two different sized frozen ponds and decorate the ponds with lights. You need The Seasons expansion for this mod.

Improved Weather Variety

And since we’re in the weather department, check out the mod Peterskywalker! created. Every world in The Sims 4 will have different weather to make it look unique.

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