The Sims 5: What We Won’t See In the Next Sims Game And Why (Part II)

Last time we talked about 5 things we won’t see in The Sims 5 and why, mentioning probable release dates, platforms used, multiplayer mode, and microtransactions. Now we will talk about two important features that will surely not going to make it in the next Sims installment compared to the Sims 4 and untrue rumors.

If you’re more interested in what you want to see in Sims 5, we have these two lists (Part I and Part II) that explain why we’re more likely to see some features in the next game.

Check out our last article in this series here.

Hang Out With Friends

We all know the Sims have been single-player games. When multiplayer wasn’t an option, you’d let your little sibling stay and watch the game and sometimes let them decide or play with a secondary Sim.

Other ways of sharing the experience was done online through videos or screenshots. The Sims 5 will continue social sharing, but we won’t see an open world to visit other players. Probably you will have the console versions that come with a co-op mode, but don’t expect the series to become multiplayer.

Simulation Life But Not in VR

Yes, you play the Sims for the simulation life it offers and because it is entertaining. Some people want to recreate their world in sims, while others want to make new families. Some people even create stories and share them online.

But will The Sims 5 introduce VR technology? Seeing our Sims lives in VR in first person perspective would take the simulation too far. We won’t see VR in the Sims 5 for sure, but it would be interesting to check out.

Is The Sims 4 the Last Installment?

People online suggest there will not be a Sims 5. Looking at all the hard work poured in The Sims 4, and new content keeps releasing, fans should expect three more years of content for The Sims 4. It is exciting, but does this mean that there will be no Sims 5?

We think that The Sims 5 is being under development right now, considering the tech for video development keeps getting better, meaning that the dev team should be able to offer more high-quality content.

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