Best Sims 4 Mods: Add Sim Traits, Career, and Tweak Looks

Because we couldn’t include everything in our Best Sims 4 Mods, we decided to split them into lists that focus on different things. We talked about mods that will tweak Sim Emotions, Moods and Personality and today we will take a look at the best mods that will add more traits, careers and new looks to your Sim.

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The Sorcerer Mod

Let’s start with a crazy way to play Sims, offered by Triplis’ mod. Install it, choose Sorcerer as a Trait and then you can choose whatever magical being your Sim will be! Yes, you can be a fire mage and burn down houses or set the ground on fire or become a trickster – there are a lot of options which can make Sims 4 a lot funnier.

Road to Fame

This mod will make your Sim a celebrity. The dev behind it is SACRIFICIAL and this time it allows your Sim to try and become famous in the Sims world. Road to Fame introduces new traits, new careers (social-media and more), and you will see a bunch of paparazzi and fans surround you as your bank accounts don’t stop growing.

TS4 MorphMaker

CmarNYC made this mod for those that love to fully customize the Sim’s look and sculpt it in high detail. The great thing is that it works for human, alien and vampire bodies!

Glowing Android LEDs

A simple and interesting cosmetic mod is this one from LadySpira which adds LEDs to the temples of a Sim to make them look like an Android. It is inspired by Detroit: Become Human and it comes in blue, red and yellow, with four versions for different shapes of head.

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