The Sims 5: Features to See in the Next Sims Game Part II

We recently mentioned that The Sims 5 might come with a few features that will improve graphics and the impression of reality. Today we will talk about further additions that are to come in The Sims 5. Let’s see what will happen to transport, Toddlers, the Open World and customization in the next installment.

1. Bringing Back Cars

Remember when you could buy and drive your own car? That was back in the Sims 2: Nightlife and The Sims 3, but not in The Sims 4. The next installment should bring back cars, and it would be awesome if it let the player drive the car!

2. Ride Sharing

Talking about cars, we might see Sims get on the bus, streetcar or other services that Sims must pay for. It should be an interesting addition to make the game more immersive and diverse.

3. Bringing Back Babies and Toddlers

What EA should have learned by now from the past is that Sims fans love all the features in The Sims 3 and the ones added in the Sims 4, but hate it when they cut content from the previous titles. Back when The Sims 4 was released without Toddlers, EA faced angry fans, and we think they wouldn’t want this for the Sims 5. So get ready for Toddlers!

4. Open World

In The Sims 3 you could explore the world, but then The Sims 4 restricted it to a neighborhood. In a few years, advancement of software and hardware should help The Sims 5 be an open world and let us go to work or a party on foot!

5. Customizing Fashion

Fashion and customization of a Sim have developed a lot – you can remodel a face in Sims 4, so in the Sims 5 we could probably see some hair styling or creating clothes and customizing outfits. This could branch out to a new Career as a hair stylist or a fashion designer – EA, please read this!

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